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We are driven by 3 objectives: To connect travelers directly with hotels, to connect travelers on one social platform, and to enable hotels to make offers without limitations.


To be the most loved and admired technology partner in the travel industry worldwide.


To inspire the freedom to connect, freedom to match, and freedom to travel, using the power of technology.


We are a catalyst for innovation and optimism.

We empower to make a difference.

We are excited about the future.


We believe in community and the impotant role that the hospitality industry plays in nurturing the community. As part of our operations, we are offering organisations and clubs to become beneficiaries of BidWings to make sure that we too help contribute to a better, safer, and united society.

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Freedom to connect. Freedom to match. Freedom to travel. True value in hotel booking means more than a discount. True value is found when hotels know about a traveler’s requirements, and travelers can enjoy a hotel’s offers without limitations.

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